Overview of Members

An employee is anyone who has attained 14 years of age, earns wages of at least $10 a month and is employed in Kiribati under a contract of service or employment or apprenticeship, whether written or oral or whether expressed or implied. There are also exemptions from becoming a member of the KPF as listed below:
  - Any domestic Servant
  - Any person under the age of 14 years
  - Any person detained in any mental hospital or in any prison for any term of imprisonment

Contribution Rates

In terms of contribution rates, there are two types of members with different contribution rates as explained below:

Ordinary Member

Both the employer and the employee contribute equally to the KPF. The contribution rate is 7.5 cents in respect of each complete dollar earned with the employer contributing at the same rate, totalling to 15 cents.

Voluntary Member

Voluntary contributions shall not exceed an aggregate of $300 in any contribution half-year.

Identification Card

As a member of the KPF, each member should apply for the processing of the KPF Identification Card. This card will include your photo and your assigned KPF Member Number and it will be solely used for identification purposes.

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