The Loan scheme was officially launched on 1st July 2010 started as the small Loan Scheme to provide financial support to member's with eligibility rate of 20% from the member's pledge limit(70% from contribution balance). In 2012 the eligibility rate of 20% increases to 50% from member's pledge limit. One year later, the scheme merge with the customer service section and the name changed from Small Loan Scheme to Loan Scheme. In 2014, the scheme started to offer loans to Island Councils employees. A year later, it again started expanding it loan offer to seamen prior to their departure which is known as the Pre-departure Loan.
The main objective of the loan scheme is to executing the most effective loan services, providing the most suitable loan opportunities and streamlining loan issues to members. Furthermore, the social responsibilities of the scheme is to improve the standard living of the members, assist members with their financial difficulties in any how and providing funding for the member to be able to start their own business. It also assist member's existing loan from other Lending institutions through loan refinancing.
All civil servants, State Owned Enterprises, Private companies, Island Council and Seamen employees are eligible to this loan scheme.
Business Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 0830 - 1500hrs excluding public holidays and weekends.
In order to apply for a loan there are required documents to do so. These include
  • Valid KPF ID cards
  • Confirmation or Employer's letter(if first time of application)
  • Recent payslip
  • Current Loan statement from other lending institution
  • Valid Saving Account with ANZ Kiribati Ltd
  • Authority letter if necessary
  • Application fee of $10.00
All loan applications are one day processing meaning that when processing loan you have to collect your loan payment the next day either through cheque payment or directly desposit into your ANZ Account. All you have to do is to collect it via any available ANZ ATMs. Bookings for loan might required a valid KPF Id card and are only done at the customer service counter.
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